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Felix Geisendörfer

  • Likes squirrels
  • Has programmed an semi-autonomous robot in C before
  • Loves caramel ice cream
  • Is really interested in JavaScript and on his way to become a JS ninja
  • Does crazy things on his (mountain) unicycle
  • Contributes code, money & love to the CakePHP framework
  • Thinks jQuery is the best JS library around
  • Has been blogging about programming since 2006
  • Implemented a non-recursive XPath engine in PHP
  • Is 28 years old
  • Started programming BASIC on a C64 in elementary school
  • Wrote the HTTP client used by CakePHP
  • Is passionate about Snowboarding
  • Believes in semantic markup but not in ultra-strict doctypes
  • Will try to compete in a professional beach volleyball tournament
  • Really likes writing complex regular expressions
  • Does not believe that 100% test coverage is a healthy goal for most applications
  • Spends a lot of time thinking about good function names to create consistent and enjoyable interfaces
  • Feels that the fun of using an application has to be a primary concern
  • Likes spending time in Atlanta, Georgia with his former host family
  • Has fun improving himself and setting higher goals every time

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Instant messaging

If you want to contact me using your instant messanger of choice, please add me on any of the following networks:

ICQ: 124330907
Skype: TimeFor23 (Note: I usually don't have Skype running)
AIM: theundefined87
GTalk: haimuiba
Yahoo: haimuiba


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