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Dessert #5 - Keep a custom configuration file

Posted on 16/9/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

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One thing that I found pretty useful when developing CakePHP applications, is to put an additional configuration file with definitions and settings specific to the current project into the /app/config folder. So for example when working on an application called lugsteinhof, I would put this into my bootstrap.php:


Then I would create a file in /app/config/ called lugsteinhof.php and fill it with information like this:

setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE@euro', 'de_DE', 'deu_deu');

 * Figure out whether the script is running on the local development machine, or
 * in an production enviornment. You can also manually define this value above
 * in which case the code below won't get executed

if (!defined('SERVER_ENVIRONMENT'))
    if (strpos(env('DOCUMENT_ROOT'), 'C:/Localhost')!==false)
        define('SERVER_ENVIRONMENT', 'development');
        define('SERVER_ENVIRONMENT', 'production');

 * The default theme if none is available via database

define('DEFAULT_THEME', 'summer');

// More definitions and settings ...

Oh and if you are curious about the SERVER_ENVIORNMENT definition, I use it to automatically switch between development & production database configuration. To do this I simply modified my /app/config/database.php like this:

    var $default = null;
    var $development = array('driver'    => 'mysql',
                             'connect'  => 'mysql_connect',
                             'host'     => 'localhost',
                             'login'    => 'production-user',
                             'password' => 'production-pw',
                             'database' => 'lugsteinhof',
                             'prefix'    => '');

    var $production    =  array('driver'    => 'mysql',
                                'connect'  => 'mysql_connect',
                                'host'     => 'localhost',
                                'login'    => 'dev-user',
                                'password' => 'dev-pw',
                                'database' => 'dev-lugsteinhof',
                                'prefix'    => '');

    function DATABASE_CONFIG()
        $this->default = $this->{SERVER_ENVIRONMENT};

Btw., I took the idea of automatically checking whether the code is running on my dev machine or in production enviornment from Jonathan Snook's post called Ease Deployment with Automatic Server Check.

--Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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Nate K said on Sep 16, 2006:

Very good tips! I actually have a few more items in a custom config file, depending on the project and its needs. Having a switch for development/production is such a timesaver - no matter what the size of the project. You can do many other things with this as well.

jacmgr  said on Jan 26, 2007:

I am curious for exampleof how you set theme using:
define('DEFAULT_THEME', 'summer');


Felix Geisendörfer said on Jan 27, 2007:

jacmgr: You mean you want to see an example for theming in CakePHP? Yeah, I think I should write about this, that's a good idea ; ).

[...] Keep a custom configuration file [...]

eregilkibly said on Dec 06, 2007:

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